Tuesday, April 21, 2009

more good luck of buddy don: his book gits its furst amazon revue!

taint as big a sprize as ye mite could thank, but a verr nice persun has dun writ a revue of shoot the devil over on amazon, witch ye kin read it by clickin here.

heres a lil quote frum that revue, witch twuz writ by anne johnson of The Gods Are Bored n Six Word Blog:
His hillbilly writing style notwithstanding, Buddy Don is highly literate, attending college, working the computers at Oak Ridge Laboratory, presiding over lively parties at his rural farm, pondering the Big Questions. This novel suggests -- as do so many others done in vernacular -- that there's no clear correlation between conversational idiom and intelligence level. "Shoot the Devil" is a fine piece of work. In quality paperback format, it will withstand multiple readings without blemish. Well worth the price of admission.
did i menchun that thays still a few of the furst 49 left?

ye kin git in on this grate deal: ye git the book, chopped, signed n with a waka writ rite in it based on two wurds ye give me fer a subjeck.

no order will be refused ... n did i fergit that ye git free shippin in these here united states? n ifn ye order frum sumwhars else, we will see whut we kin do to make that shippin free also.

so take add vantage of the eggschange rates n git ye a unique piece of wurk uh, art.

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