Friday, March 20, 2009

waka of budouadana: Friends

Brothers and sisters,
Mothers, fathers and children —
All are given us —
But old friends grow from choices
That reveal our truest selves.
i writ the waka above fer one of my verr best friends, witch he wuz kind a nuff to buy hisself a copy of that thar novel i writ name of shoot the devil. ye orta order yourn whilst ye kin still git one of the furst 49, witch them that buys one of em will be gittin unnamed bonus benefits a lil ways down the rode.

n do i need to reemind ye that yer book will be chopped n sined? n ifn ye give me two wurds fer a topick, ye kin have a waka speshul writ rite thar in yer copy of shoot the devil fer ye?

so click this here lank n git yer order in ere tiz too late. ye kin do it now!

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