Wednesday, March 25, 2009

sadness of buddy don: old friend dies at 57

yesterdy miz bd greeted me with sum awe full news: a friend of mine died over the weekend of a hart attack. he wuz jes 57, same as me. we had furst made friends in junior hi skool n traveled thru decades of life as best friends, tho even that dint last.

thays nuthin a bidy kin do bout such a shock. ye kin shed a few tears, talk bout how ye regret lettin a friendship lag to whar ye aint seen each other fer years, but nun of that duz inny good. we gut the news third hand n seems lack thay aint nuthin bout no funeral nor nuthin, witch i dont see how me n miz bd could possibly git to tennessee to attend, tho i wood lack to.

aint gut nobidy to blame on a counta i quit trine to see eem whenever i wuz in tennessee on a counta he lacked to drank moren innybidy i ever seen or herd tell of. twernt easy to talk to such a one.

but i reckun thats more a eggscuse than a reason on a counta a better friend n i am wooda gut past that n seen his friend no matter. i had plenty of chantses, but i dint wonta go thru the hole thang (thays a slew of ugly deetails that could be writ, but whats the point? they dont mean no more now than they dun then).

i figgerd thay wuz only one thang i could do in such a case, witch i dun dunnit. that is, i could at least try to git in touch with a nuther ole friend who i aint seen in a decade over reasons jes as silly next to death as the ones i jes writ. so i writ eem a email n hope the address is inny good.

but the lessun fer me (n innybidy that kin larn it) is how life is short n thay aint no time fer lettin grudges or inny other lil thang git in the way of friendship. ifn ye do, ye could be left with a feelin ever bit as empty as the one i gut rite now. n thay aint nuthin fit to fill it.

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