Tuesday, March 03, 2009

mizry of buddy don: cure wurser than the sickness

i bin thru a ruff patch here lately, witch far as me n miz bd kin tell, twuz a terrbull reackshun to a medicayshun i wuz a'takin fer a while. heres how thangs deeveloped:
  1. i gut sick on the weekend jes befor chrismus with a migraine that kicked me fer five days (vacayshun days, witch that made it a lil easier to take)

  2. contackted my neurologist, witch shes a goodn n calls me rite back. she had me in n putt me on a new medicayshun. twuz a odd thang on a counta the mint i gut the pills into the house, miz bd sed she dint thank thay wuz a'gone do inny good n mite do harm. why caint i larn to bleeve her conclushuns even when she dont have no evidents? she dont hardly never turn out rong!

  3. i gut sick agin the weekend after chrismus (still on vacayshun), witch i gut over thatn tho it seemd lack i wuz havin lots of abdominull distress

  4. long bout then, whenever i wuz figgern i mite make it thru this year with no migraines, i woke up by vomitin, one of the wurst ways to start yer migraine, witch i gut up (twuz bout 3 in the mornin) n tuck a pill name of maxalt, witch tiz a nuther migraine abortive.

  5. i gut over thatn n had a purty good lil spell till thangs gut wurser agin, leadin to a nuther talk with dr k (my neuro), witch she sugjested i raze the mount of the medicayshun (nortriptyline) that wuz a'causin the problem, ceptn only miz bd knew twuz the problem (how could she know?)

  6. it tuck a few daze to 'ramp up' to the amount of nortriptyline i wuz spozed to take, witch whenever i gut thar, i truly thought i wuz a'gone die. i tuck my medicayshuns (5 pills befor bedtime), sat up a while, n then went to bed. soon, all too soon, i wuz feelin i wuz bout to die. pane lack i hattent never felt in my chest, frum arm pit to arm pit. miz bd wuz out hostin the reiki dojo, so i wuz skeerd she mite find me ded whenever she gut home, witch obveeusly that dint happen.

  7. me n miz bd discussd the situwayshun a nuff to whar i wonted to test whuther she could be rite bout that medicayshun. so i tuck nun the next fridy evenin, witch i figgerd ifn i gut sick, the next day wood be saturdy. thang is, i dint have nun of the abdominull distress, even ifn i did have sum migraine simptums (ye caint quit these meds without payin fer it in pane).

  8. nex evenin, i tuck everthang but the nortriptyline, witch i felt sumwhut better, ceptn fer the terrbull hedaches that wood wake me up in the middle of the nite.

  9. i calld dr k agin n splaind how the nortriptyline wuz causin a problem, witch she dint wonta here it till i sed twerent heppin nuthin neethur. so she ast me to ramp up on a nuther medicayshun n quit the nortriptyline, witch i dun it, ceptn it wuz the nitemare of wakin with a killer hedache in the middle of the nite.

  10. so i had a nuther talk with dr k (told ye she wuz a goodn) n splaind that thangs wudnt gittin no better, that i dint even have a chants to begin rampin up on nuthin on a counta the hedache that woke me up. then i tole her bout a 10 munth period of no migraines i had back in 2002 whenever i wuz waitin fer spinal fewshun surgry. i tole her i wuz takin sumthin calld neurontin at the time. her anser wuz, 'We love Neurontin. It's great for prevention of migraines. Let's try that. I'll call in a prescription. Meanwhile, we'll break the current spell using steroids."

  11. so she made the call, miz bd fetched the medicine, i cummenced to takin steroids n neurontin, n by mundy, i wuz back in the land of the livin (or not suffern too terrbully)
now i am a'hopin we have found 'the' anser or at least a nuther anser that mite last till sprang has dun sprung.

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