Tuesday, September 16, 2008

pitchers tuck by buddy don: reel wurk

ever so often i lack to see folks doin reel wurk, not the kind that involves sittin in frunt of the cumputer the live long day, witch thats whut i do.

tuther week they moved the ferry landin from the 13th street pier to the 14th. me n miz bd watched a lot of it. a ferry landin is a simple thang, a floatin barge with four heavy poles stuck into loops at the four corners. the poles aint even jammed into the bed of the eschewairy. thonly other thang they gut is the ramp that folks uses to git onto the ferry.

so how minny folks do ye thank ye need to move such a thang?

two of em, one the crane operater, tuther the ferry boat captain, who hes the one that wurks with the crane operater to hep im git a hold a the thangs hes cranin outta or into the water.

corse, thay wuz a need fer about fifteen supervisers to cum by n watch the finishin touches, but i dint take thar foto on a counta i dint catch em in the act of wurk.

on daze such as these, when it seems as if wall street wuz crumblin, tiz good to refleck on whut reel wurk looks lack.

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