Wednesday, September 10, 2008

pitchers tuck by buddy don: man hattan at nite

me n miz bd wuz out a lil late fer us last nite, hopin we wood see them twin blue beams of lite they show ever year round this time in remembrunts of the world trade center thats gone. we dint see em n reckun they must turn em on after bedtime, witch we are generly in bed by 9 pm.

mayhap i will have better luck tomorrow nite on a counta i will be a'shootin pitchers of a annual softball game by one of the business units at the firm whar i wurk (i have becum the unoffishull fotograffer of near ever speshul eevent at our firm, manely since i dont charge fer it). i orta be gittin home round nine or a lil later, so i should have a chants.

in sted, heres a cuple of nite shots of that famus man hattan skyline.

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Anonymous said...

I don't comment nearly enough but let it be known by all who visit here that everytime I see a BD photo it is almost as if I took it.

No other photo's anywhere have that effect on me.

I don't understand it but I damn sure enjoy it.

Makes me feel well traveled.

Tennessee Jed said...

I still believe the reason there are beams of light there instead of buildings is one of the worlds best kept secrets.

Yes bd does capture an image like you were there Buck, great way to put it.