Thursday, September 18, 2008

observayshuns of buddy don: we dint panick ... yet

as my five or six long term readers have dun figgerd out by now, i wurk on wall st. as ye mite could magin, yesterdy wudnt nuthin but hard to git thru.

thay wuz a point whar even my own boss n sum higher ups couldnt hardly do nuthin but sit roun a cumpter screen in the cubicull village a'gawkin at how the shares of the last remainin big boys, goldman n morgan, wuz floatin to earth lack they wudnt nuthin moren late sprang cherry blossoms ... with a strong wind a'blowin.

whut else could a bidy do but sit with mouth hangin open n wunder whar thangs will lead? everbidy is skeerd fer thar jobs no matter whar they wurk nor whut they do on the street.

i wish i could say sumthin smart bout it, but tiz all i kin do to keep up with my own lil job, witch lucky fer me (or not) dont have nuthin to do with bein a ackshull banker. i caint say i understand whut brung us to whar we are ceptn that tiz purty clear that ye caint let the foxes guard the henhouse.

i reckun thats a lessun lernt fer a mint or two ... then twill be back to trine to git gummint outta the way of bizness by puttin sum foxes up to guard the newly cunstructed henhouses. makes me glad i aint a banker n aint speckted to understand whut bankers has to do.

but i know a slew of em n unlack the stereotypes of em bein fat n lazy, thar that hardest wurkin folk i ever knew or herd tell of. investment bankin dont leave em without a life ... it becums thar hole life!

n they jes seen thar portfolios shrank down to nuthin. so did mine, but taint much of a loss on a counta ifn ye dont have much, ye caint lose much, but they had millions. now they gut thousands. or maybe nuthin by the end of the day.

so whut are they a'wurkin fer?

thay wont be no bonus this year, witch that dont wurry me much. shore i aint had a raise since '03 but aint hardly nobidy i know had one neethur (corse we wurkers are much more perductiv, so on cold winter nites we kin warm ourselves by our pride in a job well dun fer sumbidy elses proffit).

fack is, i wood cunsidder it a bonus ifn i still have a job at the same place by bonus time. or maybe a job at the same place only with a differnt name or sumthin.

or is it time to try to cash in n find a cheeper place to be? plane fack is, me n miz bd dont hardly know whut to do next.

as they say, all opshuns are on the table ... long as we have a table to putt em on, that is.

whutever! thay aint no doubt that today will proov verr innerestin.

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bile said...

The foxes don't just guard the hen house... they run the hen house. Wall Street owns Wall Street, the government, and the Federal Reserve. Main St will never be able to compete in a system so severely stacked against them.

Much of the fundamental regulations were pushed by the bankers for the bankers. The Fed was created by the bankers to serve the bankers. Even if Congress understood the monster it created (and they don't) the only thing they could do is destroy it (which they won't). The system is flawed. No matter who mans the ship it's still going to sink.

The fact is that the owner of the hen house is in collusion with the foxes. Until you destroy the system which creates these huge companies, inflates the money supply and robs the people... this whole thing will continue.

Nothing wrong with throwing out the baby with the bathwater if it's Rosemary's baby. Centralized banking is a flawed concept and will come to an end... it can be taken down purposely or it can go down in flames. Seems to me the latter is more likely.

red molly said...

I guess all you can do is ride it out and hope for the best. Good luck my blogging friend.

Tennessee Jed said...

This may be the cleansing banking has needed. I think "good bank" will prevail. I know bd will!