Friday, May 26, 2006

weekend plans of buddy don: seein thangs

me n miz bd is lookin ford to this weekend on a counta thar bein three daze off. i reckon mos everbidy is doin the same thang.

we plan to git back to that bronx zoo on a counta havin so much fun thar last weekend. we wonta see sum animulls while we still kin.

we also wonta see that thar movie bout how the worl is a'gone lose sum of its gratest treshurs. the movie wuz dun by that feller them jurnlists lacks to laff at, who hes the one who ackshly won the 2000 eleckshun. we all lost whenever we let the process git corrupted, the eleckshun stole frum the voters. now thays minny a preshus wunder we lackly will see fer the last time sumtime this centry.

thisn fer instunts, witch he looks purty bored n sad but how wood you feel ifn yer worl wuz a'meltin away?

i hope ye have a great memorial day weekend. tiz a weekend fer mournin them thats dun gone. we caint do nuthin bout them, but we mite could save sum of them thats in danger ... ifn we wonted to.

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Anonymous said...

"how wood you feel ifn yer worl wuz a'meltin away?"
For the last 6 years it has seemed like mine has been melting away in more ways than one.

I sure hope you have a good weekend and I sure hope you might post a few photo's of it when ye git the chance.

Anne Johnson said...

Oh, well, we shouldn't worry about polar bears! My gosh, every zoo has a few, and that's all we really need, right? I mean, what point does a polar bear have for existing besides entertaining humans at zoos?