Tuesday, May 30, 2006

stumblins of buddy don: look whut i found

i wuz surfin the innernets on sundy n stumbled upon sum intrestin sites, witch ye mite wonta go stumblin round yer ownself. warnin: ifn ye try it, ye mite find it so additiv to whar ye caint hardly do nuthin else. heres sum findins:
  • i lack to see folks draw, but i never eggspeckted nobidy to draw a woman frum the inside out.
  • ye could git lost in thisn, speshly ifn ye git to wunder how this feller dun it!
  • who is the spider, who the fly?
  • as ye mite coulda dun notissd, i luv playin with wurds n larnin bout whar thay cum frum, witch this site gives ye sum clues bout that.
  • do ye lack games n puzzles? the river styx?
  • mayhap ye dun seen thisn, but tiz sumthin that makes ye wunder bout thangs. could it be that the smaller ye go, the closer ye git to seein the hole universe? n vice versa?
  • finely, heres a site a feller i know name of road kill mite luv a'lookin at.
i hpe ye stumblin upon sum good thangs today, witch i hope this hole day is a good thang that ye skip rite thru!

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1 comment:

Anne Johnson said...

I figgered goin to a site someone name Road Kill laak wood brang up some buzzards. But them pitchers was mystical and really swell.