Thursday, May 11, 2006

pinions of buddy don: furst thangs furst – tax cuts fer the wealthy

lets see whut kinda problems we have facin us.

we dun let our military git tied down in iraq at a cost of $300+ billyuns, 2,400+ dead soljers n marines n sailors, 17,000+ severly injured, uncounted iraqis dead, a safe haven fer terrsts to practiss thar evil arts in iraq (n more often than not, afghanistan n pakistan n who knows whar else), we caint even tell whuther tiz a civil war n we know taint close to bein over on a counta caint nobidy splain how we kin git out of it.

we dun run up the deficit lack nobidys bizness n growd our gummint fastern inny time since lbj.

we gut gas at $3 a gallon in all too minny places n caint do nuthin bout it cept play pall ticks.

we gut immigrunts streamin over the border n the best plan i herd on ackshly dealin with it is, 'larn spanish.'

we gut a medicare seckshun d plan that caint nobidy understand n makes certain that them phramaceuticull cumpnies git freedum frum havin to negotiate bulk deals (whut a waste that wood be! twood save money fer reglar folks at the eggspents of them big cumpnies, and ye know that caint be rite!)

i am shore ye kin find sum other thangs to wurry bout, most of em cawzed by the acks of the presdint n them Rubberstamplicans.

so whut ye a'gone do? eggstend the tax cut we dun give to the richest folks amung us, even ifn it means pushin the debt ceilin up agin! twill be purt near $10 trillion ifn thangs goes the way them publicans wont em to.

hows that a'gone wurk out fer reglar folks them that dont have money left over to invest in stocks n git a brake on the profits n dividend taxes?
Middle-income households would receive an average tax cut of $20 from the agreement, according to the joint Urban Institute-Brookings Institution Tax Policy Center, while 0.02 percent of households with incomes over $1 million would receive average tax cuts of $42,000.
wunder how long twood take a marrd cuple wurkin 50 weeks a year at double the minimum wage to make that $42,000 avridge?

lemme try the math:
  • hours wurked in a week by one person = 40
  • hours wurked in a week by two persons = (40 * 2) = 80
  • pre-tax money earned by two persons wurkin 40 hour weeks at double minimum wage = $11 * (40 * 2) = $880
  • pretax money earned in a year of 50 weeks (two weeks off fer vacation n sick time n such) = $880 * 50 = $44,000!
looks lack them hard wurkin folks who wurks 50 weeks at double minimum wage wood cum out with a $2,000 pre-tax surplus over the averidge tax cut give to them makin over $1 millyun a year.

whut could be fairer than that? shorely thay aint no wurkin cuples who couldnt pay thar morgidge n buy food n git health keer n pay fer thar insurants n make thar car payment n have kids n live normal lives with a huge pre-tax paycheck lack that, rite?

the thang bout this tax cut is how it makes it easier fer rich folks to make money offn the stock market, witch that makes it look lack the economy is good even ifn thays pore folks that caint git by wurking full time at duble minimum wage.

could that be the real reason the economy looks good to them thats gut but is terrbull fer them that aint gut nuthin but a job payin duble minimum wage??

corse, thay aint no chants in hell that them rich folks wood reinvest thar money in foreign ventchurs? in offshorin jobs to india n china, rite?

shorely they wood feel cumpelld to invest thar money in the cuntry that give em the grate tax cut, rite?

shorely they woodnt move thar cumpnys headquarters off to bermuda or the cayman islands sos they could git outta payin corprutt taxes, rite?

shorely they wood be too patriotick to do inny of them kinda thangs that makes it jes that much harder to find jobs that pays duble the minimum wage, rite?

shorely they wood wonta repay the cuntry that putt tax cuts ahead of other lil problems in the cuntry lack immigrashun or health keer or the war in iraq, rite?

shorely they wood. ye kin take it to the bank, rite?

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Anonymous said...

The policy decisions definitely favor wealth over work. Wonder when that happened?