Friday, June 01, 2007

pomes of buddy don: How Pre-Nine Eleven!

How Pre-Nine Eleven!

So pre-nine eleven is the mindset
You have to wonder, “Were they even there?”
Their blinkers on, they seem to have a blindset
To anything but how to use the scare.

Our military might is our great pride
And it performed its duty well when asked –
But even such power can’t long abide
When with the unattainable it’s tasked.

For it was not a state that attacked us –
No army was amassed or could invade –
Only our bad decisions could distract us –
And nothing’s more backward than a “crusade.”

Regime change was the preconceived idea,
But how pre-nine eleven is Korea?

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Tennessee Jed said...

bd, you know me, it has to be very obvious before I cry foul. What has been taking place since the towers were struck seems very fishy in most every way. I am starting to draw closer to the cranks who say our own leadership allowed/made this whole mess for the diversion from the real corrupt plan. The truth will come to light one day, it always does.