Thursday, June 07, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: everthangs cummin up roses

i am a'goin on a innervue today fer a differnt job at goodbank. tiz a verr good job n time fer a change n seems lack a purrfeck job has cum up fer me. corse, i mite not git it, but jes havin the chants is all a bidy kin ast, n fer that reason i kin say that everthangs cummin up roses. i found ye sum proof over in that brooklyn botanick garden, witch me n miz bd hopes to find more this weekend ... not to menchun meetin sumbidy whose ritin i add mire ...

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red molly said...

Beautiful photos! Good luck with the job interview.

Fringe said...

Hiya buddy don

Is the top pic of Delbard Matisse roses?

You might like the photo I took of our Matisse rose here in Queensland, Australia.