Monday, June 25, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: still monkeyin aroun with that manuscrip

fack is, me n miz bd spent considerabull time on it this weekend, trine to git it reddy to upload n putt into a book form. but we did take a brake to go up to the bronx zoo n then walk to the nearby new york botanical garden. whilst we wuz at the zoo, we gut sum pitchers of a famus critter known as the macaque, frum whence we git the term macaca, witch thats the same one that deerailed george allens campain fer senator frum virginny. thang is, one look at this here purty critter n ye real eyes that mayhap twuz meant to be a compliment. aint no doubt this lil feller is a hole lot purtiern george allen ever wuz ...

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