Thursday, June 14, 2007

eggscuses of buddy don: nuther quick eggscuse

this mornin i have a secunt innervue whar ima trine to git as new posishun at goodbank whar i wurk. i dun had the furst innnervue with the hed of the group n now i need to talk to the vee pee that wood be my new boss, witch that means a conferents call at 8 a m on a counta one of us is in london. ifn i cum thru thisn, then i mite could have good news by this evenin, witch tiz bout time fer me to make a change thar n the new job is jes whut i wonted.

on that subjeck i wood lack to make this lil note. me n miz bd wuz a lookin fer a new place to live back in 2000 on a counta the landlord razin the rent by nigh onto $500 a munth to hit $2000 fer a 321 sq ft apt. so miz bd dun all the wurk a'lookin roun at whut wuz availabull but wudnt nuthin aroun that we lacked n felt lack we mite could afford. so one evenin we wuz lyin in bed a'wundern whut wuz we a'gone do n we deecided jes fer fun that we wood try to pitcher eggzackly whut wood be the purrfeck apartmint fer us. twood have hi sealins n a south facin winder or two n whut else? how bout a washer n drier that wuz not in the basement or a laudrymat nearby but in the verr apartmint its ownself? yeah, we figgerd we should magin that n we dun it. n then we figgerd we should go fer a new place with new pliances n a dish warsher (on a counta why not?) n a doorman n twood all be cheaper than our place wuz a'fixin to be.

within bout a day, miz bd found eggzackly that apartmint n a few years after we moved here, it 'went condo' n give us a chants to buy it, witch we dun that.

n the point of all that is i wuz a'lookin fer a nuther job at goodbank n couldnt find nuthin n dint even ritely know how i orta go bout lookin -- aint no reason to git into details bout why that wood be -- till finely i deecided i wood jes magin to myself whut the purrfeck job wood be. i dun that, figgern when i gut a chants i could splain it to sum of the bosses i have now, but ere i could do that, one of em ast me to read a job deescripshun n lo n beehold, thar wuz that verr job i had dun magind fer myself.

now i gut to bewar of it on a counta ye gut to watch out fer whut ye wont on a counta yer verr liabull to git it!

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Tennessee Jed said...

Since you are able to 'magin things into reality...magin Jed in the best way!

Naw, really I am glad to see you countin' dem blessins! I am tickled to hear the great news of success for you and mrs bd!

Anne Johnson said...

I laak to magine whut twould be laak to be able to write all day n or maybe read sum. Wolfs at the door shore keep that magining to a minimum.