Thursday, June 28, 2007

eggsperients of buddy don: dun been tagged!

anne johnson over at The Gods Are Bored dun tagged me in this here post. ifn ye follerd that lank, ye know i am spozed to list eight randum facks bout my ownself. so here they be:
  1. even tho i find it deathly borin, i have been makin my livin in infermayshun tecknowlogy fer 27 out of the past 35 years

  2. i luv to rite moren mos innythang but aint been published outside of this here blog yet

  3. i writ a play bout 20 years ago, witch its had 14 perduckshuns, but i never made no money offn a one of em, tho i did git $50 in eggspentses fer a show we dun down in macon, georgia

  4. i dun marrd miz bd twice! furst time wuz in edinburgh, scotland, the secunt in new york city at town hall. reason we gut marrd the secunt time wuz sos we could have insurants fer her on a counta i couldnt add her to the pallsy lessn i had a marrg certificate that wudnt moren 30 days ole, problem bein that it tuck moren 30 days fer it to git here frum scotland, witch we lack to call the date of the secunt marrg 'a date that will live in insurants'

  5. i spent my verr furst vote a'votin fer richard nixon in 1972, witch i hate to add mitt it, but tiz the truth

  6. durin my life, my fambly has dun lost at lease three members to suicide, two of em a'usin guns, n mayhap thay wuz a fourth persun that dun the same only ye caint be shore on a counta she wuz on lots of perscripshun drugs n mayhap tuck a overdose only ye caint be sartin she wudnt jes confused by all the medicayshuns she wuz a'takin

  7. i gut a catfish name of felix thats been livin in a tank of fish i keep fer over 11 years, witch thays minny a fish been born n died in that same tank durin them years

  8. i druther take pitchers than eat at mos inny publick affair ifn i wuz allowd to
i wood tag sum other folks such as tennessee jed, but he aint been a'ritin much lately, witch i am a lil wurried n a'hopin his blog silents aint on a counta bad news. so i will let that part of the asinement lag a bit sos i kin git on to wurk. i gut jes six days lef in my present spot n look ford to gittin started on a new job!

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