Wednesday, June 13, 2007

eggscuses of buddy don: nasty summer cold

pall gies fer not ritin nuthin the past cuple days. me n miz bd tuck sick on sundy n tiz a verr nasty summer cold cumplete with fevers north of 102 fairunheight. we finely broke them fevers by layin up in bed with hats n heatin pads n yew name it till we cum near to wettin the bed with sweat.

i still gut stuff to coff up, but i kin thank n go to wurk, so thats good.

thang is, we met one of our favert riters over the weekend n turns out her husbin is a eggzellent riter too. mayhap i kin tell ye a bit more bout that by n by. fer now, i am lookin ford to a shower n hopin it will hep loosen up sum of the junk that ye gut tords the end of a nasty summer cold.

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red molly said...

Summer colds are definitely tough to get through. Take care both of you.

Anne Johnson said...

Wut a coinceedence. I met me a raater I mire over the same weekund. I do hope yous both feel better soon!