Friday, June 15, 2007

daze of buddy don: yesterdy wuz one of the bestns ever

i orta putt a mark by yesterdys date on the calendar on a counta i caint hardly member too minny daze that wuz as good fer me.

to cummence with, i gut the job i wuz a'goin after, witch twill begin three weeks frum mundy. i gut to transishun the stuff i been a'doon to other folk ere i kin move. once i have moved, i will be wurkin in a differnt bildin in a differnt part of the city, witch i reckon thatll mean i kin git differnt pitchers on my way to n fro.

then i cum home n git a call on the telefone frum alabama. turnt out a good frien of mine had moved down thar n bought er a thee-ater n deecided the furst show she wood do is one i writ minny a year ago, witch turns out twill be the 20th anniversry of the musicull vershun (i had earlier writ a one-ack comedy, witch whenever i cum to new york city n showed it to sumbidy, he cunvinced me to make it a musickull, witch me n him n his bruther dun jes that). innywho, twuz a huge sprize to find out that show wood be perduced agin. i will give ye more deetails once we git a lil closer toot.

today at wurk thays a'gone be a lil luncheon sos they kin announce i am a'takin a differnt job, witch i have been in the group the longest of innybidy, so fer sum twill be a bit of a shock.

me n miz bd is on the mend frum them that nasty summer cold n tomorrow we gut a trip to brooklyn fer ackupunkchur, witch we will visit the garden on the way on a counta them roses is bound to be at thar peak bout now.

tiz a time to count sum blessins n real eyes how life is good.

to celebrate i wonted to git a pitcher of the sunrise, witch twuz cuverd in a blanket of clouds, but a'risin nevertheless ...

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Deb said...

Congratulations on the new job, Buddy Don! I think we all need a few more "good news days"...I'm glad yours was chock full of it :))

Anne Johnson said...

Congratulashuns fer havin a good job in these dark dayz. Tis even better cuz you preciate it so much. That thar crowded island you always take rotogravures of is startin to grow on me a bit. I had a keen fun taam thar recently.

Anonymous said...

... hooyah, bro... that is wonderful news!.... I may just have to travel to Alabama to see it!..