Monday, December 26, 2005

revues of buddy don: ipod n itunes – wow

miz bd gut me one of them ipods that most everbidy up in here round new york city had dun alreddy gut em cetptn me. i had tride me a em pee 3 player name of archos, but twuznt verr good on a counta how ye had to rebild its operatin system nigh onto ever week ye used it. so i quit a'usin it.

thang is me n miz bd has notissd how we dont hardly ever listn to no musick no more. we did rip all our musick frum thar cee dees onto my hard drive, witch thay wuz rite near 9 thousund songs on thar, but we still dint listn to much musick on a counta twuz too hard to figger out how to git whut we wonted. we wood make playlists n such, but we couldnt git a random settin on windows media player that we lacked.

so whenever i putt that itunes program on my cumputer, twuz a revalayshun, speshly how all them 9 thousund songs kin be tucked rite inside that lil ipod without makin it bust. the ipod thangy n itunes bof gut em grate ways of organizin yer musick by genre or album or artist or playlist or faverts or recent playd, witch so duz wma, but thisn wurks a hole lot better, sorts quicker n makes it much easier to play random thru inny category.


whut spooks me is that thar party shuffle they gut. how kin it figger out witch musick me n miz bd lacks to here?

i know thar keepin records on our acktivities, witch thats a feachur of it. tiz rite simple to see witch tunes has been played n witchns hadnt or ye kin check witch songs ye dun listned to the most or witch ye rated highest n such.

but we aint hardly had no chants to listn to much of nuthin yet, so how could that party shuffle figger out whut we wood lack to here?

tiz sum skeery software ... but i lack it!


we also gut a 5-cd set of johnny cash name of unearthed n we couldnt quit till we had dun herd the hole thang.


i had herd that the battry wudnt no account on them ipods, witch i used that fer a eggscuse not to git one fer quite a spell. i tested it furst thang. tuck about 2 hours to git it charged up n then i run it till twuz plum tuckerd out, witch that tuck about fifteen hours of steddy playin.

as ye probly know ye charge it at yer cumputer so i plugged it in this mornin whenever i seen twuz about to quit on me. tuck a lil over a hour to git it all charged back up.

tiz amazin how this one lil piece of tecknowlogy changes everthang bout our relayshunship with musick. we kin cart our hole colleckshun with us wharever we go. in the car, at a friends, at home.


n when i take that ipod to wurk, miz bd kin listn to itunes n have the same servus only not portabull.

i kin see why everbidy had em one. i figgerd twuz a'gone be lack a walkman only with em pee 3s, but turnt out to be much more. i dint have no idee till now. i dont even know ifn i will be cee dees no more on a counta how ye kin downlode whutever ye wont fer a better price n git it rite now.


thankee, miz bd!


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