Thursday, December 29, 2005

mizry of buddy don: nuther migraine

whenever i wuz doin yesterdys blog, i wuz feelin poorly n wundern ifn i wuz gittin a migraine, wundern ifn i wuz a'gone be able to git thru the day without takin zomig. i dint wonta thank i could be havin a nuther migraine, so i kept to my daily skedule, includin not makin erbs, witch i been a'takin em ever sundy, tuesdy n thursdy.

but miz bd wuznt fooled a mint. frum the instunt i give in to requests i drank sum vermouth durin our chrismus dinner at jack n vaclavs, she notissd i wuz havin sum of the migraine symptums she has seen in the past.

lessun larnt: i caint even have a sip or two of wine, not even jes to be plite. tiz poison fer me.

innywho, i went on into wurk yesterdy but i dint make it but about a hour befor i knew i wood half to git home to take that zomig or risk vomitin all day long. i hate that stuff fer how it makes me so comatoes, but tiz bettern the alternative.

miz bd gut her ownself on the case, treatin me with aromatherpy shes been a'studyin, rubbin the essential oil of peppermint on my temples n the base of my neck n on my thumbs n big toes n under my nose. if nuthin else, it changed the topick of the internull conversayshun in my mind frum the migraine to all them smells.

then she had me stretch out on the table fer a reiki sesshun. them thangs is magick.

after she wuz dun, i went to bed whar i cuntinued sleepin (ye kin sleep rite thru a reiki sesshun).

i am feelin much better this mornin. i hope fer a hole day a wurk. tiz good news in a way on a counta how the las migraine i had wuz three munths ago n the one befor thatn wuz three munths earlier. besides that, the last one lasted over five days. thisn, not to weauxphf, seems lack its over after jes one day of mizry n a few days of symptums.

meanwhile, whos a'gone win, the partisans or the patriots? heres a list of sum contests twixt em, bof to cum n frum last year:

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