Thursday, December 15, 2005

ramblins of buddy don: aint gut no idees

i should feel loaded with idees fer bloggin, but i caint hardly git myself to keer. sum of the thangs i mite rite about ifn i had inny idees wood be the transit strike were lackly to have up in here. we been makin plans for who could git to wurk ifn thays a strike n who could wurk frum home ifn they caint git in. mayhap they kin settle, witch thay aint been no strike since 1980.

or i could rite bout a nuther comp season on wall street. spozedly tiz a good year fer it (ye kin find out by clickin the lank), but whut i have notissd is no matter how big them bonuses git, folks aint happy. fack is, the ones that gits the most is lack as not the ones thats a'gone cumplane the most. i tell my folks that seems to me lack inny bonus gratern zero is wurthy of thanks n a countin of the blessins. taint everbidy that gits one.

or i could wunder ifn taint the presdints duty to make shore them laws is obeyd. thats whut ben claims in eggsplainin gummint. the reason im a'wundern is that articull bout bob novak sayin he wood be amazed ifn the presdint dint know who betrayd our cuntry by leakin the fack that valerie plame wuz a covert agent.

or i reckon i could ast questchuns bout why the pentagon wood have a database with info on law-abidin u.s. citizens. war protests aint suspishus. thar part of bein a good amurkin.

mayhap i wood be wundern why the presdint wood skip attendin the white house conference on agin! woodnt it be better fer im to show up at his own confernce in sted of havin a foto opp with folks thats hand picked on acount of bleevin everthang he sez alreddy? shorely our presdint aint no coward, rite?

i mite wunder why our presdint had to give a medal of honor to the feller mos responsibull fer givin im bad intelligents that led to the war. even mr bush add mitts the infermayshun wuz bogus.

maybe i wood be glad our senate has deecided to ast fer informayshun on them secret prisons in europe that we dont have n even ifn we did, the infermayshun we gut frum tortchern probly saved european lives, ifn we had dun it, witch we aint add mittin nuthin.

but i aint gut no idees this mornin.

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