Friday, December 30, 2005

request of buddy don: lil hep?

tiz the time of year when folks lacks to revue whuts dun happend in the last year. they make lists n try to sum up whuts importunt bout whut went on.

thays a few goodns today. ye gut Eugene Robinson's We're All Going To Die!, David Ignatius' The Year in Bad News n my fevert frum todays paper, Paul Krugman's Heck of a Job, Bushie.

that dont mean that reglar stories aint out thar. ye gut that 16 year old a'goin to iraq to study the situwayshun his ownself (he survived).

then thars that story bout how the CIA is gittin more n more powerful all the time. skeery stuff! mayhap tiz necessairy. i caint say, but taint the kinda thang i wuz taught bout in skool whenever they give us instruckshun bout whut we stand fer.

rosa brooks has a lil punditry claimin that impeachment is lackly to be in george bushs future, witch duz that mean they wood wont cheney to be presdint? or is thar a plan to do a double-impeachment? presdint hastert, innybidy? corse, ifn thay wuz a impeachment or even a double impeachment, ye wood half to thank twood be dimcrats in cuntrol of the house, witch tiz a bit optimistick fer dimcrats to dream of that.

but i wonted to git back in touch with musick, witch is whar i am hopin to git a lil hep. ever since they killt radio as i used to luv it with the telecommunications ack of 1996, i caint hardly listn to no radio. so i have dun lost touch with musick thats current. in sted, i been buyin ole bluegrass n classicks frum the dinosaur rock n roll era.

now that miz bd dun give me that ipod, i been wontin to git sum albums thats current. so i looked up sum of the best albums of 2005. i seen bands i aint never heard of n real eyesed that i am cumpletely out of it.

so heres my request, witch could ye putt yer anser to this questchun in a comment?:
whut are the best albums ye have heard since 1996?
jes to give ye a idee of whar my head is, heres a list of the last few albums me n miz bd has bought our ownself or that sumbidy give us:as ye kin see, we gut a lot to learn. aint never heard no coldplay, wheezer, bright eyes, white stripes, fiona apple, beck nor a slew of otherns. thays all listed as best of the year, but hurts that i dont know a one of em.

so ifn ye kin spare the time, could ye let me know in a comment whut album(s) ye wood buy to sorta catch up with whuts a'gone on? i wood grately appreciate it!

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