Wednesday, December 28, 2005

nite life of buddy don: late chrismus dinner

las nite we had us a real treat: dinner at keens with loretta n her fee-on-say paddy. we had us as fine a evenin as ye could ever magine. miz bd had made gifts fer all them kids n parnts too. seem lack it hit a home run with bof loretta n paddy, speshly the homemade wurry dolls.

corse, dinner wuz grate: paddy had thar world famus mutton chop, loretta the filet minyawn, miz bd a giant piece of cod n i the aged sirloin. we had sum scotch as we generly do: lagavulin 12, unchillfiltered caol ila 11, unchillfiltered glen rothes 12, linkwood 10 n mortlach 12. used to be we could go to keens n never drank nuthin we had dun drunk befor, but we caint hardly say that no more on a counta how we dun tride our bes to try ever one of em.

so twuz one of the bes meals ever: good cumpny, good food, good scotch, a cab that seemed to be a'waitin fer us n a bus at port authorty with no line to stand on (or to stand 'in', ifn ye aint frum places whar ye stand 'on' lines lack ye do up in here).

ifn yer trine to keep a counta them blessins, we jes hit
blessins = infinity + 1
this mornins papers has a lil good cheer too:
  1. thay mite be a chants fer sum of them folks that lost big on enron to git sum justus

  2. zoos is cummencin to give thought to whut to do with elefants that needs to run free or at lease have a big a nuff place to roam to whar they live a lil more natcherull

  3. releaf fer the downtrodden wealthy: mr bushs economy has been verr verr good to them thats alreddy rich

  4. mayhapy whut mr bush wonts to do is brang a lil parity – kindly lack the nfl has dun – to that thar war on terr on a counta how his illegal wiretappin of who knows how minny folks has dun give terr suspecks a new line of deefents, witch seems lack mr bush is bein a lil overly genrus with them suspecks

  5. witch, that means them deefents lawyers in them terr cases is happy too
have yerself a grate day!

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