Wednesday, May 06, 2009

pomes of buddy don: No Matter What He Does

No Matter What He Does
We used to talk about the famous “up or down vote,”
As if that were the only thing that mattered,
But now that things have changed, we all must chant another note
In shocked tones that suggest we’ve been mad hattered!

We do not even know who our next enemy will be,
And yet we know for certain we oppose this great unknown,
Obstructive fights could be avoided if the nominee
Were wisely chosen from our very own!

For "empathy" for wealthy folks (now that we’re on the run!)
Is something that fits well with our great creed
And that would be OK since we will back most anyone
Who understands the poor rich man’s great need!

No matter what he does, we can be sure it will be wrong —
If that weren’t true, we’d have to go and learn another song!

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