Thursday, May 21, 2009

life of buddy don: whut buck sed

in a comment on the pitcher i putt up yesterdy, buck of Tete-â-Tete-â-Tete pointed out a cuple of thangs only a verr sharp observer wood ever notiss:
I love the way Ezekiel's eye is caught in the rim of the mirror. That is neat.

And the guy in the picture on the shelf. That picture looks like it was taken in the mountains of appalachia.

Was it?
furst, tiz a bit of a shame to half to add mitt that me n miz bd dint even notiss the refleckshun of ezekiels eye in the rim of the meer!

secunt, tiz a good bit of notissin thangs to catch the pitcher on the shelf. tiz indeed in appalachia. fack is, tiz a pitcher thats verr famus in our fambly. twuz tuck by liams grandpa, who he is in the same pitcher. tiz a pitcher of daddy fly fishin on the obed river back in the 70s sum time (twuz a place whar folks dint visit verr often in them daze). daddy wuz standin at one of his favert places to fish, rite whar clear creek cums into the obed. we used to camp on the lil spit of land twixt them two rivers, n i hope sumday to visit it agin, witch tiz a tuff hike to git thar ... or twuz in them daze.

daddys aint with us no more, but i hope hes found as good a place to fish whar he is now as that place wuz then.

so kudos to buck fer havin such a grate eye! n thankee, sir, fer the comment.


Buck said...

witch tiz a tuff hike to git thar ... or twuz in them daze.If it was tough in those days you can only imagine how tough it would be now. Not because the land has changed that much but because if you are like me your knees and hips have gone through some uh....let us say "changes" :-)

Your pictures are always amazing Buddy. I have no idea how professional photographers would judge them and I have no idea how they would stack up in official contests but rarely do you post a picture that does not amuse and amaze me.

It was your pictures of the moon that originally hooked me.

Nowadays if I ever want to feel like I am in the big city or in a Garden of Eden I'll look at your pictures.

buddydon said...

thankee fer them verr kind wurds. i spoze ifn thay wuz a nuff exter time in a day n energy in this ole bidy i mite try to do sumthin more with pitchers besides postin em on a website, but sadly, thay aint n thay aint.

i here ye on the bidy gittin older n slower but i shore hope to make my way down to that verr spot whar the pitcher wuz tuck. used to be i wood be fly fishin but now i wood probly jes take my camra.