Thursday, November 08, 2007

lambintasyshuns of buddy don: alas poor killer

tuther crawdads in the tank has all dun been over whut wuz left of killers exoskelton, takin apart the bits they could use, leavin only the hardest parts of his brite blue claws. ever so often, one of em gits a hold of a claw n takes it a wee bit more out of it.

we figgerd killer mite coulda molted, witch once them crawdads has molted, they git to hidin whar ye caint tell ifn thar thar or not. so we reckund the same could be true of killer.

on tuther hand, we had dun red (caint find it now!) that the males tend to die after matin n kin live only fer about two years, so i caint ackshly eggspeck innythang differnt, but tiz a shame to see such a magnificent creechur go down.

rip, killer, we shore enjoyd havin ye in our tank (witch, when ye thank bout it, hes still more or less thar).

corse, he leaves behind a slew of his yunguns. i counted six of em rootin round fer food when i fed em this mornin. i reckun we need to git em sum new blood since they will mate with each other, even bruthers n sisters or muthers n suns (miss tenna is still thar n seems lack rl, the biggest yungster, wonts to git her pinnd down by her claws, witch thats how they mate).

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Anne Johnson said...

Ma heart is broke, broke I tell ya. Its a coal crewel whirl out thar.