Monday, November 19, 2007

eggsplainayshuns of buddy don: ruff week thanks to migraine mizry

i spoze i orta fess up bout this here past week me n miz bd jes gut thru. the trubles cummenced on sundy last whenever i notissd but ignored one of them optick auras. fer one thang, i keep trine to tell myself that they aint happenin to me no more on a counta i wonta cunvints myself that i aint a'gone have this migraine problem no more. i know that dont make no sense, but tiz how i keep a'thankin.

i wuz cookin soup n bakin bread whenever it happend, so twuz easy to ignore. we et n ere twuz 7:30, i tole miz bd i wood go upsteers (we have a loft bed, no ackshull upsteers) to read. i bleeve i wuz sleepin without readin a sangle wurd.

woke round 1 am n twuz all over, tho i still woodnt do whut i orta dun, witch wuz to take sum of that awfull stuff, imitrex ($42+ per squirt, witch tiz a nasull spray) or zomig (same price by total coincidents), but i wonted to wurk n had thangs to do. i figgerd i could git back to sleep n be ok.

wrong. i gut sicker n started a week of blackout mizry. taint a total blackout havin these thangs, but ye caint do nor thank much of nuthin. caint read, caint rite, caint do much moren lie in bed with pillers over yer ears n wait, hopin that ye kin feel pane n not nausea (i kin take the pane, bad as it be, but not the eerie-sistibull urge to vomit).

this bunch of migraines all gut started at nite, wakin me up twixt 1 n 2 am n leevin no dout bout whut the day wood brang.

miz bd wurked me over purty good -- she knows a few healin modaltees -- n that hepped, but twuz finely necessry to git me to the neurolgist, witch she has larned how to pull offn that trick (we have had to wait fer as long as a munth to see eethur our primary keer docter or a speshulist, witch it aint no gummint byoorackrussy cawzin that problem!).

she gut the job dun n then tuck me thar on thursdy afternoon. he dint putt me thru his reglar drill on a counta he could see how i wuz suffern even then. he writ me a scrip fer a short course (5 daze) of steeroids (prednisone) to take sos the patturn could git broke ('thar goes yer pro sports career,' miz bd tole me on the way home).

dont know whuther that broke the migraine spell or not on a counta i dint take the furst of that steeroid till fridy mornin after wakin up with a horrbull hedache in the middle of the nite. but i deecided i woodnt take no more of that zomig nor imitrex neethur, lease not that day on a counta they kin cawz reebound hedaches, but jes let miz bd lay her healin hands on me to do her best, witch that n the increase in depakote (to 1.5 grams or 1,500 milligrams per day) mite coulda hepped.

but whar they wuz no dout bout the spell a'brakin wuz when miz bd tuck me to brooklyn fer acupunchur at element. say whut ye mite bout havin a slew of needles stuck in ye, it wurks (as ye kin see, a waka writ itself whilst i wuz a'lyin thar with them needles in me).

i spent yesterdy in a daze n feard i mite wood wake up last nite sick. i did wake around 1 am n thunk i coulda been in the same die-lemma, but nex thang i knew, twuz mornin n looks lack twill be a grate day.

so i will take this bountifull blessin fer this day n do my best with it n try to keep myself in mind of such simple thangs as how good it feels when ye aint sick (tiz amazin how quick ye kin fergit!).

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Anne Johnson said...

Whut iz it bout us hillbillies that we don wanna mit we're sick? I been hobblin round on a bum hip fer moren a month, hurts laak hell n makes me look like i'm 125 yars old. Worsen that, i let my daughter walk round on a Plantars wart untill it got so bad she needed surgary. I ain't got over feelin bad bout that yet.

I do hope this is the end of them dang ol migraines, I wunner if you even cood nip em in the bud. As manny people as have em you'd thank they'd have better medicine for em by now. Good luck BD.