Thursday, October 25, 2007

pomes of buddy don: As Simple as Sleep

As Simple as Sleep

If you thirst to death, water to drink
Is better than the richest home on earth –
And if your hunger brings you to the brink
Of dying, then a meal fills you with mirth.

If you need to relieve your bowels or bladder
Not even joys of sex can feel so good –
If you cannot breathe, air becomes the matter
That trumps all pleasure: this is understood.

And if you have been sick for days on end
Or if your body has been beaten, broken –
Then when you feel your body’s on the mend
The joy is greater than can ere be spoken.

The greatest pleasures in this life are those
As simple as, when sleepy, just to doze.

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Anne Johnson said...

Damn I wish y'all lived near nuff to Camden to come to Pizza n Poetry, which the nextun is Oct. 29 rite bfore Holloween, n come dressed as yer favrit poet.

But, havin made the trek to them watery hills whar ye do liv, I know tis impossibul.

Hope them migraynes migrate. Take em up to Montawk an throw em in the oshun with all them ducks. Which tiz a purtyer spot than Camden, tho longer frum yer home.

Tennessee Jed said...

Wonderful little poem! Too bad the suffering had to come to find it.

Wishing you well from down here near the Tennessee River.