Wednesday, October 24, 2007

mizry of buddy don: tham thar migraines ... back!

i aint had a migraine to speak of fer nigh onto a year, but this weekend i gut caught nappin. i been takin my depakote reglar lack, but i had let it git down to whar i woodnt take 750 mgs everday, mayhap only 500, witch that wuz the furst perscripshun i had. innywho, last week i had one of the hardest ever, teachin ten classes over 5 days n then a volunteer eevent on saturdy ... follerd by that purrfeck wether change that gits me minny a time: frum low pressure, rainy or verr humid to high pressure, low humidity n winds. i wuz able to do a lil wurk on a manuscrip on sundy, witch it seemd to hep me keep my mind offen how much i wonted to vomit. mundy wus wurse n tuesdy even wurser.

but today, at this moment (not to woof) i am feelin ok. i am countin that as a huge blessin, witch i dint even notiss it once it gut to be a reglar thang. sum of the gratest blessins aint nuthin moren life as usual.

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