Friday, July 06, 2007

reeports of buddy don: up date on the tank

sum of ye that reads this here blog reglar knows me n miz bd gut us a tank of fish n other critters. i aint reeported much on it lately, so heres a lil update of whuts been happenin.

furst, them crawdads has been multiplyin lack nobidys bizzness. thays at lease 8 liluns, witch thar almos impossibull to git into a pitcher on a counta they keep alive by hidin mos all the time.

secunt, it appears that thays more on the way.

nuther innterestin thang is how killer (the big crawdad with the brite blue claws) went fer weeks after the furst liluns wuz born without hardly movin nor nuthin, even tho he wudnt moltin. then he run into one of his own liluns n ever since hes been all over the tank, kindly lack he wuz a'lookin fer a fite with one of em. thar too smart to git too close.

but that dont mean thar too smart to keep away frum them cichlids. tuther mornin we woke up n seen a big fish that look lack it had sumthin verr rong with its mouth (more on that problem in a mint). turnt out to be the last bits of the tail of one of them crawdads. caint say fer shore ifn twuz a live one or maybe the molt of one that had dun lef its shell behind.

finely thay wuz a big ole fite in the tank twixt big red, who hes been the big fish of the tank fer nigh onto a year, n bluemouth, a yunger fish that had growd up so big that it could challenge red. thang wuz, they gut into a face to face, mouth to mouth fite, n bluemouth cum out with a verr disfiggerd face while red cum out with a bit of clown mouth (a white circle round the mouth). they gut to ailin till finely bofem died of thar wounds on the verr same day. me n miz bd hadnt never seen nunthin lack that happen befor.

corse, as ye mite eggspeck, thays a new big fish thats makin sum of the lilns hide ...

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Tennessee Jed said...

You got yourself a little food chain going on in that tank with the tiny cinder blocks.