Thursday, July 26, 2007

pomes of buddy don: What He Cannot Know

What He Cannot Know

We’re supposed to believe his predictions
Although they’re consistently incorrect
Involving obvious contradictions
Between claims we aren’t supposed to connect.

For he was the one who claimed we would find
Such weapons of mass destruction that we
Could not sleep at night, have no peace of mind,
Till we had turned them into useless debris.

And have we forgotten his famous claim
That we would soon capture, dead or alive,
The al qaeda leader of nine one one fame,
Who uses Iraq to help his group thrive?

So why should we buy what he cannot know
When he claims they’ll follow us home if we go?

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red molly said...

Another great poem from a very talented writer!

Tennessee Jed said...

I really don't get how we the people voted in and followed such a man.