Monday, January 26, 2009

waka of budouadana: Patience

When great rivers freeze,
Blocking all ferry traffic
With huge ice boulders,
Travelers must be patient
While waiting for the spring thaw.
by the way, ifn ye wonta do yer part to hep git the economy a'goin agin, to hep thaw out the frozen debt markets, why dont ye buy yer copy of shoot the devil whilst ye kin still take add vantage of the special offer, witch ye git a numberd copy of the book, chopped with the wandering hillbilly chop, sined by the author and yer very own waka, writ jes fer yer book n based on the subjeck ye supply me in two wurds or less.


Buck said...

My personalized Waka was worth the price of the book Buddy Don.

Thanks a whole, whole lot!

buddydon said...

thankee, sir. ye dun give me a tuff challenge, witch i am verr happy ye lack yer waka. wood ye mind ifn i wuz to share it with folks that reads this here blog?