Thursday, January 29, 2009

pomes of buddy don: Make It Big

Make It Big
Our justice system teaches us that we
In these United States have got two tiers
To use to punish criminality
And yet protect the “haves” from their worst fears.

The lower tier’s for common criminals
Who might steal hub caps or sell bags of pot
Or even get in fights and bust some skulls —
They’ll be imprisoned long enough to rot.

The higher tier’s for those whose crimes are great,
Such as invading countries for a lie
Or torturing the suspects that they hate —
They’ll avoid prosecution till they die.

So if you dream of committing a crime,
Make sure it is so big you’ll do no time.
on the subjeck of major crimes, have ye had a chants to peruse that huge violayshun of 21st centry literairy laws name of shoot the devil? ye orta order yourn ere tiz too late! ye kin be bof the judge n jury ... n whenever ye cum up with the sentents it deeserves, ye kin send it die-reck to the author ... (n ye git a purty good deal ifn yer one of the furst 49!)


Anne Johnson said...

as much time as i get to read these days, i sure am enjoyin shoot the devil. cain't say i've read a whole lot of it yet, mebbe the first 50 pages, but i sure do like it. i ain't a gonna put it down. 2 bad it ain't beach season, but then agin i wouldn't wanna drag a autograffed hi-quality book out in the sand.

buddydon said...

aint nuthin bettern a comment lack thisn! twuz a verr nice thang to find furst thang when i gut home frum wurk. thankee!