Friday, January 16, 2009

novels of buddy don: shoot the devil

furst off, i wood lack to thank them folk who have bin kind a nuff to order thar copy of shoot the devil. i real eyes that the price is a bit hi ($25.99), but fer that ye git whut could be a grate bargin on a counta each book sold frum this here furst batch will be unique: individually chopped, sined, etc.

best of all, ifn ye ast fer it, ye git a waka hand writ in yer copy.

point is, ifn this here novel should turn out to be famus or a classick, ever sangle one of them furst 49 books sold will turn into a uniquely valuable collecktibull. i add mitt that the chantses of inny book turnin into a huge seller or a classick are slim. thems the facks, ma'am, as they say.

but the chantses are much bettern inny odds ye kin git with a lottery or mos inny other gambull ye mite try. big differnts here is that even ifn ye buy a book that dont turn out to earn ye a pile of money, ye still a'gone have the book n the lackly enjoymint ye git frum readin a good book (n even ifn it mite seem arrogunt to say so, i know tiz a good book).

nuther thang to menchun is that thar waka i promiss to rite ye, ifn ye give me a wurd or two. ye mite could thank taint all that hard to rite one, n fer the mos part ye wood be rite. but that dont mean ye kin rite one thats suitabull fer ritin into a book sumbidy orderd.

twuz my grate good fortune that one of my favert readers n bloggers, Buck of Tête-à-Tête-Tête, orderd one. his reequest wuz fer a waka on 'time.' i tride n faild to suit myself with a waka fer eem this mornin, but in the attempts, i writ a cuple otherns!

aint nuthin lack trine to rite fer havin lucky acksidents!

so my pall gies to ye, Buck, but i caint send yourn out today. twill be tomorrow, even ifn i gut to rite fifty waka ere i rite on good a nuff fer a feller as fine as yew.

meantime, heres the two waka i writ whilst a'trine to rite yourn:

Age adds wrinkles
To our faces and our brains,
Leaving memories,
That fade, blur and dim as time
Kindly distills our story.

Without constant change —
Day and Night, Passion and Calm,
Even simple Laughter —
All would be static, frozen,
Without Life or Love or Time.

have ye orderd yer copy of shoot the devil yet? no? then click this lank n git ye one ere tiz too late!


Deb @ Sugarfused said...

I'm looking forward to receiving my copy, Buddy Don!!! I ordered it last week, I think.

Buck said...

No hurry at all Buddy Don. No hurry at all. I am sure I will be thrilled when I get it.

I am strongly considering having whatever waka you write about time inscribed on my tombstone whenever that time comes.

The stuff you write needs to be carved in stone somewhere.

Anne Johnson said...

I shoulda got me two of em. One to read n one 2 perserve till tis a classick. Cuz i'm sure my copy'll be beat to a pulp when i'm dun with it. I don't go easy on books. I like to bend em till they're soft in ma hand.