Thursday, January 08, 2009

novels of buddy don: shoot the devil

ifn ye look real keerful lack, ye mite could notiss a new lil banner ad on the left hand side of this here blog.

tiz fer a novel i writ that has finely bin published name of shoot the devil, witch tiz the furst book of life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly.

(by the way, ifn ye dun alreddy red the draft of it here as i wuz a'ritin it, ye will see how i dun cleand it up n rewrit sum of the ruffer parts.)

thay say timin is everthang n in sum ways ye mite could thank thay wudnt no wurser time to be trine to sell a novel, speshly one writ in hillbilly. fer one thang, the hole publishin bizness has changed thanks to everthang a'goin digitull. thay wuz a lil articull in salon tuther week name of Read it and weep; The economic news couldn’t be worse for the book industry. Now insiders are asking how literature will survive.

tiz my fervant bleef that literchur is a'gone survive no matter whut. tiz lack sayin folks wont make no more rock n roll musick now that ye kin downlode it fer free. taint so. ever artist ever born has to create or die. histry shows how minny of the gratest artists of all time dint make no money offn thar wurk. (i kin reelate to that, even ifn i aint one of the gratest artists in histry, on a counta i aint made much money neethur!).

but i gut to readin all them reasons why literchur is bout to die n real eyesed how it has sumthin to do with the argumint that folks aint gut no deesire fer books. purty soon folks will only read books on thar eelecktronick deevices, thar kindles n such.

innywho, i happen to luv books, even ifn i do wish i had a kindle vershun of The Tale of Genji, world's furst novel, witch twuz writ by a japanese woman round the years 1000 to 1008 or so. the book translated into english runs to over 1,100 pages n weighs a good five pound or more, so tiz hard to lug around. but i wood still wonta have the book itself, not jes the digitull ghost of it.

but i dun herd the wurd n figgerd i wood offer the follerin deal to make this here book, the physicull thang, wurth havin:
  1. furst, ifn ye order the book fer deelivry in the usa, ye dont have to pay fer handlin n shippin.

  2. secunt, i will bof autograff n chop ever book innybidy orders (i will splain 'chop' by n by, witch no harm whutsoever happens to a book thats been chopped), lease fer the furst batch.

  3. ever book of the furst batch will be sined n numberd, kindly lack ye mite do with a artisticull print.

  4. finely, i will putt a personull waka writ jes fer ye ifn ye give me two wurds of the subjeck ye wont fer yer waka.
tiz only fair to warn ye that thays only 49 books left out of the furst batch, n i dun sent the furst one out. (ye mite also have gut the news on this frum my good friend red molly, who she was the furst persun to read the hole thang n cunvints me that reglar folk mite lack a book writ in hillbilly. hers wuz made ere i had the chop n ere i wuz numbern thangs, but it orta be speshul in its own rite on a counta tiz sined n all.)

ifn i wuz a rich man, i wood luv to give these books away, speshly to folks thats bin puttin up with this here blog fer so long, but i aint rich n this year, i gut a cut in pay of over 10% (tiz true fer mos everbidy on wall street, witch them that wuz makin more had even bigger cuts in thar pay). so the furst batch mite could be thonly one on a counta ifn i caint sell em, i caint git no more.

so why dont ye give a lil click to that thar banner ad n git yer copy whilst the numbers are low! ye never know: yer book mite could be a verr valuabull item sumdy, witch i am a'hopin ye will buy it sos ye kin read it, but ifn ye wonta make it a investmint, thats fine too.

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BitLizard said...

The link-back code in your template isn't working, but I created a link to this article anyway. Way to go... let's sell some books!