Saturday, January 17, 2009

futzin of buddy don: trine to up grade

as ye kin see, thays bin sum changes made round here. i finely give in n up graded my blogger temp late, witch they kindly force ye into it after a while. tuck me the better part of the nite to git it fixed more or less on a counta ye lose ever thang whenever ye up grade.

thays sum nice thangs bout the new temp late, but i aint figgerd out how to make the wandering hillbilly banner wurk yet. fack is, ifn twernt fer my good frien meatbrain, i doubt ifn it wood have the gif atall.

cuple of the new thangs should be nice. ye kin foller this here blog ifn ye wonta. tiz also a lot easier to sub scribe. comments has bin fixed n lank backs too. the blogroll is better on a counta it putts the most recently updated blog at the top of the roll n gives the title of the new post n a pitcher ifn thay is one.

tiz 7 deegrees fair in height at the moment ... n i gut to git out in it by 9:30 or so ... n i am feelin that migrainous mizry ...

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Anonymous said...

.. good luck with the changes to the blog... AND the migraine.......