Tuesday, January 13, 2009

waka of budouadana: End

The work of dying
Is what we came here to do,
Though it’s the last thing
We wish to face or admit:
Let life justify its end!
as ye mite dun alreddy know, today marks the 57th time i have ridden this lovely blue ball of earth completely around the sun.

even ifn i aint sellin minny of them books (not that i dont have hopes to sell a few more), twuz verr importunt to me to have shoot the devil dun ere my birthdy cum round agin. the same is true fer the secunt book, the wanderin hillbilly, of life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly.

n my fervunt wish n dream fer whuts left of my life is to finish whut i have started. jes let me live long a nuff fer that n i kin die thankin i had justified this here life.

thankee fer stoppin by! why dont ye click rite here n git yer copy of shoot the devil ere tiz too late? dont fergit to give me two wurds fer the topick of a waka composed jes fer ye n hand writ into yer copy ...


Anne Johnson said...

In reckugnishun of yer birthday i dun put up the munny fer my copy of shoot de debbil. now aint it interestin that i can post comments frum skool and not frum home.

red molly said...

Happy Birthday bd and good look with your book sales.

Anonymous said...

... happy birthday, Hillbilly!.... many happy returns!....