Monday, August 06, 2007

quik note of buddy don: back, but still wurkin

tiz a grate blessin to have a job ye luv as much as i am luvin mine at the moment, but it do tend to git in the way of mos everthang else.

the trip wuz fantastick. i gut a lot dun, gut to have dinner with one of my best friends at the montgomry inn follerd by ice cream at a place name of graeters, witch ifn ye git a chants sum time when yer in or round cincinnati, ye orta try ye sum.

then we had us a good time on saturdy, witch twuz jessicas burthdy n paddy had dun hisself proud, gittin us one of them roof top places fer the eevent n puttin out fanger foods n such. he woodnt even let me pay fer a sangle malt fer myself n miz bd.

now we are countin the days till the weddin on september 22. we gut sum grate news bout folks attendin, speshly the mother of the brides mother ...

i will try to git my bloggin back on track in the nex day or so.

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