Tuesday, July 31, 2007

wurklife of buddy don: how that new jobs a'goin

i reckun innybidy that reads this here blog reglar lack knows how i dun tuck a job earlier this munth. i jes wonted to let ye know that tiz a grate job with a fine bunch of folk n tiz a'doon sumthin i bleeve in cumpletely name of 'knowledge management,' witch everbidy knows bout how it needs to be managed, speshly fer a help desk.

tuther half of that new job is how tiz a lot of wurk n leaves less time fer ritin this here blog. besides that, tiz a longer commute. finely, twill take me on a trip to ohio to visit our hep desk. twood be nice ifn i could visit a verr speshul person that lives thar, but i wont git no chants on a count travelin with my new boss n not havin no car of my own n only bein thar frum windsdy evenin till fridy afternoon.

so ifn i caint blog durin that time, ye will alreddy know the reason why.

meanwhile, today we are havin whut they lacks to call a 'off-site' thats a'goin on all day long. thang bout this off-site is how it will take place in a confernts room that aint a city block frum my desk.

i hope all yall is doin grate this fine day!

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red molly said...

Glad you are happy with your new job and it is working out for you. Just don't work too hard and save time to blog :-)

Anne Johnson said...

They ain't nuthin better in the world than gittin outta bed in the mornin and thankin, "O, I cain't wait to git to wurk!" An that was so much ma laaf until 2004, well, it started goin downhill in 2002, but before that I wuz happy as a clam that scaped the chowder. So injoy yerself, an if you ever need a helper in South Jersey rang me up.

Tennessee Jed said...

I love how you count them blessings even about breaking your camera. Keeps me reading just to see how I might better count my blessings.