Wednesday, July 18, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: weekend plans

i am a'hopin that this weekend me n miz bd kin git the kinda pitcher of them sacred lotus blossoms we been a'trine to git fer a cuple years since i tuck a pitcher that has been used a cuple times as a stock foto. we wint a cuple weeks ago n seen how thar a'gittin reddy ...

as ye kin see, them yaller blossoms is dun alreddy thar, but the magick fer us is in the charles thomas with the pink blooms. taint that them yallers is innythang but purty, jes that we lack them pinkuns ...

nuther thang we hope to do is to git over to jessicas place sos we kin git a pitcher of the weddin dress, witch she n paddy is a'gittin marrd in september over in ireland ... n we kin hardly wait fer it!

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