Thursday, July 05, 2007

celebrayshuns of buddy don: vaclavs birthdy ... n our cuntrys too

yesterdy we had us a grate time over at ellens stardust diner, witch thats a diner on broadway that feetchurs sangin waitstaff. turns out thays only one broadway musickull up at present that dont have a former waitstaffer frum ellens.

we wuz thar sos we could celebrate the birthdy of vaclav, witch hes frum the czech republick. ifn the laws pertected everbidy the same in this cuntry, vaclav wood lackly be a amurkin by now ceptn we dont give the same rights to gay folks that everbidy else gits (he n jack have dun been together fer at lease 7 years).

but hes as amurkin as amurka will let im be so we had us a grate time. also joinin us wuz jacks sister loretta, her intended paddy n my yungster name of tony. ifn yer ever up to visit man hattan, ye mite wonta visit ellens stardust diner. the sangin is grate n the food we had wuz jes fine.

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Anne Johnson said...

I made one a them strawberry n blueberry cakes once but it shure din look laak that.