Monday, July 30, 2007

acksidents of buddy don: oh no! the camra!

over the weekend i had a lil acksident that rilly hurt: we wuz a'gittin reddy to go out fer dinner with all three of the kids n thar partners n sum relativs visitin frum the czech republick when i notissd i needed to feed the fish ere we left. i had the camra on n spillt the fish food. so i putt the camra down on a tabull n gut reddy to clean up the spillt food when i herd a crash ye dont never wonta here, witch thats the sound made by the camra hittin the groun. hard. hard a nuff that thangs wuz broke n aint no thang on that camra that dont cost ye a purty penny.

we spent the furst part of the day yesterdy visitin b&h n gittin thangs fixed agin, witch the flash wuz killt ded ceptin thays a chants of reepair. the rest of the camra wuz a lil slow to git a'goin, but once it gut good n reebooted, it seems to be a'wurkin agin. twuz a bit of verr good luck that the lens dint git shatterd or broke no way.

by the way, the meal wuz on saturdy nite at vatan n twuz a verr nice evenin. me n miz bd wuz touched by how them kids had dun made thar own plans fer whut to do after eatin. we lack how they all git along so well ...

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Buck said...

I'm surprised you were still able to eat after that crashing sound. But I guess it could have been much worse.

I always look forward to the pictures.