Thursday, August 23, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: vue frum navesink highlands lighthouse

thays a nuther lighthouse besides the one out on sandy hook, witch tiz in atlantic highlands. after me n miz bd had watched them paragliders fer a while, we wonted to eat, witch we lack a place name of bahrs landin (pitchers on the way), but they dint open till 11:30, so we went up into the navesink highlands lighthouse, witch it has two lighthouse towers.

this first pitcher is a wide angle vue showin ye sandy hook across from whar the navesink river dumps into the bay thar, witch thats whar all them folks is paraglidin n windsurfin. in the far distunts ye kin see brooklyn n man hattan ...

heres a closer shot of the same thang ...

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Elvis Drinkmo said...

Great pictures, Buddy Don.

Flatland always gives me the heeby jeebies. Looking around and seeing all that sky and a world that seems to have no end to it. It makes a person feel kind of small.