Thursday, August 09, 2007

wurklife of buddy don: volunteerin!

bein frum the grate state of tennessee lack i am, ye fine yerself always gittin into thangs on a counta whenever sumbidy asts whuther thay is inny volunteers, ye gut to step up n brag bout how thats jes whut ye are. sum folks thanks thats a crazy way to ack, but today is one of them days that makes it all wurthwhile.

ye mite could member bout how sum years ago i tuck a volunteer spot with the poe-leece athletick league rookie baseball program, witch goodbank has been supportin thatn fer twelve years. bein that i kep showin up, i made it up to assistant commishuner, wurkin long side a good frien of mine name of sanjay, who hes the commishuner. innywho, today we are takin them kids out to see the mets play agin them braves. twill be a tuff day of wurk -- the games cummences at 12:05, leavin preshuss lil time to do innythang else -- but i will take my camra (fixed) n try to make it thru the best way i kin.

have i menchunned lately how i am proof that blessins abound even fer the undeeservin? if not, let me menchun it now n point out how i am proof of it.

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