Thursday, August 16, 2007

secret plans of buddy don: sorta kinda more eggscuses

i know i aint had time to do much in the way of bloggin here lately, but thats on a counta havin sum innerestin thangs in the wurks that i caint hardly wait to tell ye bout but since thays secrets fer the current spell, i caint say much. but i kin give ye a cuple hints.

thays a cuple thangs i wonta be a'tellin ye bout soon n i thank ye will lack em. twill be a chants fer ye to git yer hands on sum thangs that wuz only on yer screen up to now.

n thays more, but i caint tell ye much bout it yet.

thang is, thays a lot of wurk rapped up in the sprizes i am hopin to sprang on ye soon.

so please be payshunt n keep cummin back. i caint even say my ownself when i will be able to make my secrets publick ... but i caint hardly wait!

n i am hopin to have em reddy ere me n miz bd flies off to ireland fer the weddin of loretta to paddy ...

but ifn ye wonta, ye kin jes take all this chatter as sorta kinda more eggscuses fer why i aint bloggin ...

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red molly said...

Those all sound like good excuses for not blogging...looking forward to hearing about your 'sprizes".

Buck said...

I hit this page at least once a day no matter what. I love photographs of the big city. If I never get anything else that is enough for me.

Tennessee Jed said...

I want the hard back with a signature!