Tuesday, March 30, 2010

waka of budo adana: Risks

Make fewer errors
And be less likely to lose,
But avoid losing
And be less likely to win:
Plan, execute, take good risks.


geekman said...

Three posts in four days? Dare one hope that you're feeling a bit better these days?

If so, keep up whatever you're doing. Maybe this is the beginning of the way out.

linlah said...

I found you just before Christmas and I've read back on a lot of your posts, I hope you're feeling a bit better too.

buddydon said...

thangs aint whar i wood lack em, geek, but thays time to look over sum ole waka n putt up a post. i am trine to git a'goin agin. taint easy.

buddydon said...

thankee fer them kind wurds, linah.

geekman said...

Well, you're not "trying", BD. You're doing.

Recall the wisdom of Master Yoda: "Do, or do not. There is no try."

Much promise I sense in you, young padawan. Strong with the Force you are.

buddydon said...

thems good points, geek. i need to keep on a doin, no trine about it.

we gut us a lil doggie, witch i caint tell ye how much the heps.

geekman said...

So, when do we get some action shots of the pup?