Monday, August 10, 2009

mizry of buddy don: a munth of nuthin

i am a'hopin that i kin git to wurk n stay thar this hole day. i am a'hopin that i kin git my short term disabilty tuck keer of. i am a'hopin minny a thang today.

as ye mite could figger out by now, i have bin bout as sick this past munth as ever i kin member. it all started on the 8th day of july when i knew i wuz in pane but figgerd is could wurk thru it. i dun it n dun the same thang the nex day, witch twuz a fridy. i wuz feelin a lil under the wether, but figgerd twuz sumthin that wood leave me, so me n miz bd wint to the brooklyn botanick garden that weekend.

then cum sundy, july 12: i knew thangs wood be bad whenever i gut that feelin as ifn i had scraped a 1 inch wide strip of scalp frum the top of my hed, jes to the left of the center line. that pane started n dint let up fer four daze. twuz the wurst pane i have yet felt, tho they say ye caint remember pane n tiz probly true, but i caint recolleck ever feelin such pane befor.

frum that, twuz a series of pane n nausea, witch i wuz on the fone to my neurologist day after day. she dint thank i needed to cum see her on a counta i have dun bin diagnosed. i tole her that the pane made it feel lack it had to be sumthin moren a migraine, but thats whut all folks with migraines sez ever now n agin. i wunder to this verr day bout that.

innywho, i deecided i wood make a pointment with my reglar doctor n have my annual fisicull. furst availabull date: september 9, witch thats barely over a munth of waitin. but a fisicull aint urgent innywho.

then whenvever it seemed to me lack the nausea mite could be sumthin else on a counta i feel it ever time i eat, i deecided to make a reglar pointment, witch i wonted to see eem as soon as possibull ceptn the furst date wuz fer the 12th of this munth, over 2 weeks after i made the pointment. ifn i am lucky, i kin still show eem a simptum or two. thay aint no way i kin figger whar ye kin go see yer doctor whilst yer ackshly in the furst blush of yer illness. thar jes too busy.

thang is, i have bout the best insurants ye kin git in this cuntry.

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Anne Johnson said...

Mebbe could it be whar you live? Cause whar I live, the famly doctor can most always see me in an hour or two fer mergencies, and a day or two fer jes bout anythin else. An when ma daughter The Hair had a meltdown, a doctor I hadn't seen in 5 years callt me back in 1 hour and made a pointment fer two days later.