Friday, January 09, 2009

novels of buddy don: that thar chop

yesterdy i owned up to havin a novel name of shoot the devil published n menchunned that ifn ye wuz to buy ye one, i wood sine it n chop it. not only that, ifn ye give me two wurds to deescribe a waka ye wood lack to have writ by hand in yer copy of the book, i will make one up jes fer yew n rite that waka in yer copy of the book.

whenever i menchunned that, i sed that a book bein chopped woodnt hurt it nun. heres whut i mean by chopped.

ye kin git yer own chop, ifn ye wonta, by orderin it frum Dragon's Tomb in hong kong same as i dun. takes bout a munth to arrive after ye order. the one i ordered wuz fer 'wandering hillbilly' n it cum out lack this:

how i wish i knew me a bunch of them chinese carackters sos i could be shore that whut i bought wuz ackshly sumthin bout a wandering hillbilly. thonly thang i know fer shore is how one of the careackters stands fer mountain (thats the one in the upper left hand corner that looks kindly lack a trident).

folks in china has bin usin chops kindly lack a signachure fer minny a year (lease a cuple centries). thang is, ever chop is hand carved, witch that means thay aint no two of em jes alike, n that makes inny one of em a unique marker to proov whoever used it wuz the persun thay wuz spozed to be.

so here is the offer i am a'makin to innybidy that buys em a book:
  1. ye git yer own copy of shoot the devil

  2. i will persunally sine n chop yer copy

  3. shippin n handlin in the united states is free

  4. ifn ye give me two wurds bout whut kinda waka ye wood lack to have handwrit in yer copy, i will compose one fer ye n hand rite it in yer copy of the book

  5. each book will be numbered as ifn twuz a artistick print that has a limited number of copies, witch thays only 49 of em n who knows when or ifn i will be able to git innymore
i wuz deelited n amazed that them books started sellin within a cuple hours of me announcin thay wuz fer sale yesterdy, so ye mite wonta order yourn whilst the numbers are still low.

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