Saturday, June 14, 2003

wurd of the day: argon

theys this gas they call argon that kin be dedly tho taint poisnus which is caws twurks thisaway -- furst thang is that its a heavy gas so if they was a hole n sumbidy gut down innit theys likely to die caws of havin no oxygin since ifn ye aint gut oxygin ye wont be able to move nor nothin so ye wudnt be able to crawl out n wud die even tho twasnt the argon that kilt ye but the suffocatin

fack is i had a uncle to die jes thatway whenever he was awurkin in the nukler plant over thar in oak ridge whar he wuz a machin maker a wurkin on weppons  n whenever yer wurkin with uranium ye cant let it get near oxygin on a counta twud start a far t burnin caws tis real dangers stuff so they had em a pit to wurk in that they called the argon pit n thats whar my uncle went whenever he wonted a kill hisself whic he dun by turnin off his oxygin n waitin a mint or so till he cudnt move ifn hed awonted to

nowadays theys lots of argon agoin on in the news bidness whar seem like them whats gots owns it all n wants to hold on toot by makin sure folks is not pane tention to thangs thats goin on

how they work it is they fill up the air with argon stuff like laci petersen which its an awful shame she was kilt but shes jes one person n seem like 3 million of em dyin in congo oughtta be more portant

thats the zample n ye kin git to this way of usin the wurd: folks needs the oxygin of truth bout whuts agoin on but theys gettin nuthin but the argon of deesepshun

moral is: too much of sumthin ye dont need keeps ye from what ye do n ye cud die from it n fak is ye cud even kill off democracy since folks needs truth to use in afiggern how they shud vote

sad truth is: theys folks in this cuntry who dont like democracy caws they cant control whut folks is athankin n awantin n they druther folks didnt pay tension ner vote neither n fack is  they wud be happy to make this here cuntry a dicktaters ship (n seem like theys dun alredy aduin it)

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