Monday, October 01, 2007

returns of buddy don: back frum a long trip

we dun made it back finely n tiz grate to be back home. i wont bore ye with all the deetails jes yet, but if figgerd i wood share a lil pome i ended up a'riting fer the weddin sorta at the request of the bride, witch i wuz a give a part in it whar i wuz to read a reefleckshun on marrg, witch i gut so minny idees on the topick that i could talk fer three daze, witch thats why i limted myself to a lil ole sonnet.

furst, tho, i figgerd ye mite fine it innerestin how this here rainbow wuz one of the verr furst thangs we seen whenever we gut to ireland. twuz in county clare near sum cliffs name of cliffs of moher ...

we seen this here cow a'grazin on our way up to them cliffs ...

finely, once we gut up on them cliffs we seen this here sunset, witch twuz my furst time seein the sun a'settin on the atlantic ...

we tuck nigh onto 1500 or more pitchers so i will try to putt sum more of em up ever now n agin, but jes to finish off fer the day, heres the sonnet i writ for the weddin of loretta n paddy ...

The Forge

Since each sole person born is made of flesh
We all are prey to bodily desire –
Though such attraction can serve as love’s mesh,
Mere carnal love is not all we require.

For how the lone heart aches in every breast
With passion to love and to be loved as well –
Yet passion by itself can never rest –
Love needs a safer home in which to dwell.

And all are blessed with mind and intellect
With which to plan, to hope, to pray, to dream –
Short-lived is folly that does not respect
The need for true love to create a team.

Nor flesh nor mind nor heart but only soul
Can forge two distinct lives into one whole.

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Buck said...

Great to have you back Buddy! How did the critters fare while you were gone? Did they all make it through?

And maybe it is just the angle but I'll be damned if that cow does not look like it is still trying to get through the potato famine.

red molly said...

The poem is beautiful. Can't wait to see more great photos and hear more about your trip. Glad you are back.

Tennessee Jed said...

Can't wait for the stories! Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

... welcome back, hillbilly.... it sounds like you had a wonderful time!..