Friday, October 12, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: a lil killarney n that thar ring of kerry

furst heres a lil killarney, witch ye kin see how parts of it kindly reeminds ye of gatlinburg ... n they even have fudge fer sale!

one of the magickull moments of the trip happend whenever we seen a beach as we wuz a'drivin round that ring of kerry. we stopped n miz bd had her a lil irish whiskey, witch i couldnt have nun fer the hole trip on a counta i wuz takin that antibiotick that i jes finely finished on tuesdy evenin of this week!

corse whenever ye drive in ireland ye gut to watch out fer them critters that lacks to eat the brush n such longside of the rode. whut wuz most amazin is how in ireland they kin have em a bang up farm cultchur without havin to have suvs lack they need to have over here. corse, when yer gas costs ye $6.30 fer a gallon, ye kindly have to be a lil keerfull with yer money.

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red molly said...

Very nice!! Thank you. I hope you have more photos. There are so many spectacular places in Ireland but I think Ring of Kerry is one of the best.